Life at Moorhouse

The inside scoop: a few of our consultants share their thoughts and stories on what it’s really like to work at Moorhouse.

  • Meet Dom...

    Dominic is an experienced project and programme management consultant in the telecoms, media and technology sector.

  • Spring Escape 2016: innovation masterclass

    Escapes allow us to reconnect as a company and quite often involves developing new skills that enhance​ what we do for our clients. This time round, we did something a little different; we let Special Projects transform us into innovators.

  • Supporting Centrepoint with festive fun

    For me the beginning of December marks the official start to advent as well as the Moorhouse Christmas Escape...

  • Be yourself better - the Moorhouse difference

    Think about this: how much time can you honestly say you spend each day consciously considering ‘how can I be better’? Possibly not as much as you would like?

  • Moorhouse Escape to RADA

    Just a few months after I joined Moorhouse, I experienced my first Moorhouse ‘Escape’. Having attended a few corporate away days in recent years, I thought I knew what to expect but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how different it was to anything I had experienced before.

  • Relishing in a challenge

    I joined Moorhouse as a manager at the beginning of 2012, looking to contribute to a small and growing firm. It’s great fun to be part of a growing business and, while the learning curve can be steep, if you relish a challenge there are always opportunities to learn new skills and rapidly progress your career.

  • No two days are the same

    I joined Moorhouse from industry in 2013 as a junior consultant, and since then my career has been incredibly fast paced. I have been given stretching roles at my client, made lasting relationships with my Moorhouse team and been part of a community that is actively involved in shaping the direction of the firm.