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The challenge

Cost reduction is no longer a cyclical pressure, managed by sweeping cuts once every 10 years. Organisations now need a rolling programme of efficiencies to free up resources for investment in innovation, new markets and improved services. Successful cost reduction needs a new, planned approach aligned with corporate strategy. It relies on an open discussion based on the appetite to change and the ability to do so.

Our approach

How we can help you tackle your challenges

Streamline operations

We create successful programmes by focusing on efficient spending as much as cost-cutting.

Target cuts

With targeted reductions, we help you achieve the biggest gains without impacting the day-to-day business.

Complete the programme

We support you to the end of the programme, making sure you maximise financial benefits.

Create a programme for the whole business

To reflect business-wide needs, we coordinate change across your whole organisation.

What we deliver

Cutting costs is always a challenge. That’s why our first step is to engage your organisation’s decision-makers. We help you keep sight of your organisation’s strategic direction and support management throughout the programme. In recent years, we have delivered successful cost-cutting programmes across FTSE 100 companies and the public sector. We draw on our extensive experience and award-winning toolsets to create programmes that deliver results and win the support of stakeholders.

How we work

Our work

BT tower

Cost transformation at BT

As part of its expansion strategy, BT is heavily investing in new projects. To fund these, BT embarked on an ambitious cost reduction programme, which aimed to save millions of pounds a year by simplifying processes and streamlining customer services. We supported BT in three areas: process transformation, operation model transformation and programme oversight.

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Our Services

Strategy into action

Strategy into action

Long-term goals are essential for any organisation, but achieving those goals can be difficult. We can help you deliver your goals.

Strategy into action

Out of the ordinary delivery

Out of the ordinary delivery

We specialise in implementing large-scale, complex or unprecedented change projects, on time and to budget.

Out of the ordinary delivery

Establishing a culture of change

Establishing a culture of change

We improve your in-house processes, toolsets and skills so you can deliver change without external support.

Establishing a culture of change

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