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The challenge

To survive and succeed, organisations need to balance running the business today with changing the business for tomorrow. An organisation’s operating model is central to both: it is how you implement positive developments and adapt to stressful challenges; it is how you reduce costs, launch new products, enter new markets, allocate staff and improve customer service. When an organisation implements major change, the operating model can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our approach

How we can help you tackle your challenges

Reflect strategy

By understanding your organisation’s strategy and current performance, we can design an effective operating model and measure its success.

Focus on results

We work with you to design an operating model that focuses on the key capabilities your business needs to succeed.

Coordinate the operating model

By coordinating operations across your whole organisation, we help you address business-wide needs.

Take a practical approach

We implement in phases and revise the model until it delivers sustained benefits.

What we deliver

We help you turn a strategic vision into reality, while remaining flexible to the changing world around you. We help you design the most effective operating model for your organisation, based on your strategy and existing capabilities. It’s important that everyone in your organisation understands and supports the changes, so from the beginning we facilitate communication with staff, owners and other stakeholders, and incorporate their contributions. We then work closely with you to implement the model in phases, supporting your leadership team and monitoring the results. Finally, we transfer our skills and knowledge to your staff to support future changes.

How we work

Our work

London skyline

Transforming client onboarding at an investment bank

A global investment bank was struggling to cope with the regulatory demands placed upon its onboarding team. To help them, we implemented a new global technology system, which replaced a number of existing systems and was a key enabler for the adoption of a new operating model. With our support, our client successfully migrated to the new system with little disruption during the transition phase.

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Our Services

Strategy into action

Strategy into action

Long-term goals are essential for any organisation, but achieving those goals can be difficult. We can help you deliver your goals.

Strategy into action

Out of the ordinary delivery

Out of the ordinary delivery

We specialise in implementing large-scale, complex or unprecedented change projects, on time and to budget.

Out of the ordinary delivery

Establishing a culture of change

Establishing a culture of change

We improve your in-house processes, toolsets and skills so you can deliver change without external support.

Establishing a culture of change

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