Supporting BT to transform costs

As part of its expansion strategy, BT is heavily investing in new projects. To fund these, BT embarked on an ambitious cost reduction programme, which aimed to save millions of pounds a year by simplifying processes and streamlining customer services.

BT tower

We supported BT in three areas: process transformation, operation model transformation and programme oversight.

Our approach

Following an internal assessment by BT Group Finance, we were asked to design and deliver three programmes:

1) Process transformation

We mapped all existing processes, communications and workforce skills to design and deliver streamlined processes for several internal departments.

2) Operating model transformation

A new BT Technology, Service & Operations team was created by the merger of two existing departments. We designed and implemented an operating model for the new team.

3) Programme oversight and governance

We applied programme and project management disciplines to control and monitor risk during the programme. 

Value to the client

Overall, BT made over £100 million of savings across the organisation, allowing them to invest in new projects. 

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