Barometer on Change 2014

The Barometer on Change is out now!

With a sense of optimism not felt for several years, economic conditions are improving and there are better prospects for business innovation and growth.  However, this is coupled with continuing public sector austerity and further cuts, albeit against a backdrop of some of the largest government transformation programmes in living memory. This creates a unique set of conditions and challenges.

In our third annual Barometer on Change we have found that whilst UK businesses and government are increasingly confident about delivering their strategies they face fierce competition in securing the skills and resources on which they are reliant to deliver change.

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A fresh perspective on change

Our 3rd annual Barometer on Change can give a new perspective on your change initiatives


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2012, 2013 and now 2014 - what difference a year makes?

Revisit the key Barometer on change trends from 2012 and 2013:

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