Our People

Daniel Flaxington

Senior Consultant

Daniel has over 16 years’ experience leading projects in both the defence and energy sectors, and was recently awarded Chartered Manager and Fellow status with the Chartered Management Institute.

Daniel joined Moorhouse shortly after completing his MBA at the Adam Smith Business School in Glasgow. Prior to this, he managed his own consulting firm which offered business services to clients across Scotland.

Daniel has worked with a number of high-profile energy clients across Europe & Africa and successfully delivered multi-million pound drilling projects while supporting internal organisational transformation initiatives. Daniel’s experience was developed in high-pressure, team environments where flexibility, time management and planning is essential to meeting tight deadlines.

On his days off, Daniel stays active by keeping fit and travelling. He has visited 30 new and exciting countries already like the Galapagos Islands, Venezuela and Terrace Bay which is on Namibia’s skeleton coast.