Our People

Fola Oki

Junior Consultant

Fola has experience transforming organisations through the delivery of innovative solutions that harness digital technology. He has worked across different sectors with a strong focus on customer experience and business insight.

Prior to joining Moorhouse, Fola spent two years at a digital transformation company gaining in-depth knowledge on business processes and new digital technology. Most recently, he was responsible for creating and implementing a social media strategy in order to reduce public noise and improve customer relationships for visa applicants. Previously, he was part of a response team to create and deliver action plans in response to COVID-19, understanding employee needs in order to drive real value within the government sector. Prior to that, he was responsible for designing customer testing methodologies used to understand and modernise customer journey experiences within the Electric Vehicle market.

Outside of work, Fola likes to keep active by playing both basketball and football, and is a heavy follower of both sports, participating in fantasy leagues. Aside from sports, he has a keen interest in the music industry, spending his time researching past and future trends.