Our People

Kim Field


Kim Field is a transformational change specialist with a track record of planning and delivering large-scale change projects on time and under budget.

Kim has led Transformational Change projects in –  OperationalResilience (improving operations in the face of a changing regulatory environment);  Loss Control Management (integrated health, safety, environment, maintenance, quality, and financial strategy for a holistic approach to risk reduction);  and, Digital Technology (ERP and industrial systems implementation and upgrades).
People and Talent projects have been in the areas of Organisation Design, Competency Management, and International Mobility, resulting in better opportunities for staff and a lower cost base. 
Working with people at all levels of an organisation, from support staff to leadership, and in operations, engineering and management roles, Kim specialises in finding common ground, shared goals, and a pathway for successful change. Kim has planned and delivered many stakeholder engagement events from small focused sessions up to fully facilitated, large change events for entire organisations.

Kim began her career as an Engineer working in the Energy and Utilities Sector in offshore oil & gas exploration and production, downstream marketing, and major capital projects delivery.  She has additional project experience in the Transport Sector and the Pharmaceuticals Sector.

In addition to her interest in business and economics, Kim loves art, music, dance and film. On the weekends, she can often be found at the ballet, a concert, or a film festival. Kim is Anglo-American and has lived and worked abroad in America and France.  She has two teenage daughters who speak French much better than she does.