Our People

Luke Dallal


Luke is a business management and transformation professional with a delivery-focussed attitude towards work. Luke has over seven years of healthcare management experience in acute, non-acute organisations and commissioning organisations.

He has managed a portfolio of projects spanning operational turnaround, clinical engagement projects and wider strategic alignment programmes supporting integrated cost and income transformation. Most recently, he has used AGILE methodology to deliver digital health transformation across the region.  Luke quickly diagnoses issues, uses his Analytical expertise to form mitigating processes and combines that with his people management skills to see the changes embedded effectively.

Luke Joined Moorhouse two days after completing the 2017 London Marathon having represented the National Brain Appeal Charity.  A keen runner, skier, golfer and climber; Luke enjoys life outdoors, away from his laptop as much as he does the office environment.  You’re likely to hear Luke talk fondly of his time travelling and planning future mini and larger scale trips abroad.