A year ago, we thought we knew what turbulence and disruption looked like.

This year’s Barometer on Change marks the eighth year of our flagship campaign which aims to explore the challenges organisations face in navigating a world where the pace and complexity of change continues to grow. This year we have extended our survey to over 500 senior managers and executives in a range of sectors.

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(Change happens and we respond)


(Change motivates our people)


were able to adapt to changes caused by COVID-19 within 1 month



agree teams in their organisation are cross functional or cross organisational



are able to adapt to change within 8 months



of change initiatives are successful


Change-embracing organisations respond to change more quickly and deliver change more successfully than change-neutral organisations

We can see that there are clear benefits to being a 'change-embracing' organisation. Teams are more likely to be cross-functional or cross-organisational which we know supports the development of higher quality services and products for consumers. Change initiatives also have a higher success rate in change embracing organisations. More than two-thirds of business leaders believe the pace and pressure of change have been increasing over the past two years and will continue to do so in the next two years. Getting comfortable with disruption and turbulence will be key in this climate.

We have identified three behaviours which we believe businesses must adopt to survive during significant periods of change and disruption. These are:

Be Authentic

Identify and articulate your purpose and values as a business. Embed these from top to bottom. Be open and transparent in your internal and external affairs, so that your actions align to your values. When faced with a difficult decision where values may be challenged, demonstrate integrity and be prepared to take the hard road.

Be Connected

Make sure your teams are joined up and able to quickly adapt and orient towards new goals when needed. Channel the right insights to the right parts of your business to inform rapid decision-making and action. Tackle complex challenges with flexible partnerships which bring together varying perspectives, capabilities and skillsets. 

Be Empowering

Focus on lifelong learning and continual development of skills across your workforce. Create genuine, empowering connections with your people by having open and honest conversations to understand their needs. Lastly, create a culture which promotes agency, accountability and removes top-down management dynamics.

We all know change isn't easy

From our research and experience working with top organisations, we know that successful change is most threatened by these factors. If your organisation is embarking on a transformation or in the midst of one, you will likely come up against these challenges at some point. These challenges are further amplified in periods of disruption.

Organisational culture and appetite for change

Cost-cutting within the organisation

Lack of clearly defined objectives for the change initiative

Organisational structures, processes and control

Change fatigue

Lack of experience, skills and capabilities within the team


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