Life at Moorhouse

The inside scoop: a few of our consultants share their thoughts and stories on what it’s really like to work at Moorhouse.

  • Moorhouse Christmas Escape 2017

    Within two weeks of joining Moorhouse, four of us found ourselves at the Christmas Escape in Pennyhill Park in Surrey; base camp for the England Rugby Team. During the buildup, the mood in the office was one of excitement in anticipation for a day described as a lot of fun, relaxed and a great opportunity to meet people. This did not disappoint!

  • The Inside Scoop: Digital and Technology Service Line

    Don has 18 years of experience leading, advising on, and assuring technology-enabled strategic transformation programmes, strategy and operations.

  • CSR at Moorhouse

    What does corporate social responsibility (CSR) mean to you? To me, CSR is everything an organisation does to ensure it is operating in an ethical and sustainable way.That covers a whole host of things, from maintaining ethical working practices and a healthy and safe workplace to giving back to your local community and supporting charitable causes.

  • Emotional Intelligence at Moorhouse

    How can you be more confident? Or resilient? Do you want to be a powerful communicator?

  • The Inside Scoop: TMT Sector

    Dominic is an experienced project and programme management consultant in the telecoms, media and technology sector.

  • Relishing in a challenge

    I joined Moorhouse as a manager at the beginning of 2012, looking to contribute to a small and growing firm. It’s great fun to be part of a growing business and, while the learning curve can be steep, if you relish a challenge there are always opportunities to learn new skills and rapidly progress your career.

  • Be yourself better - the Moorhouse difference

    Think about this: how much time can you honestly say you spend each day consciously considering ‘how can I be better’? Possibly not as much as you would like?

  • The Inside Scoop: Financial Services Sector

    Greg is an experienced consultant who has worked at all stages of business change from strategy formulation at board level, to complex implementation.

  • World Mental Health Day

    Work is a huge part of our lives, and our experience at work understandably impacts on our wellbeing. When people feel happier and healthier, they’re more productive, innovative and engaged at work.

  • Spring Escape 2016: innovation masterclass

    Escapes allow us to reconnect as a company and quite often involves developing new skills that enhance​ what we do for our clients. This time round, we did something a little different; we let Special Projects transform us into innovators.

  • Moorhouse Escape to RADA

    Just a few months after I joined Moorhouse, I experienced my first Moorhouse ‘Escape’. Having attended a few corporate away days in recent years, I thought I knew what to expect but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how different it was to anything I had experienced before.

  • Supporting Centrepoint with festive fun

    For me the beginning of December marks the official start to advent as well as the Moorhouse Christmas Escape...