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The challenge

The world is changing.  Organisations face new challenges and having both a strategy and long-term goals is essential. Achieving them can be difficult and often complicated by the need to run and change your business at the same time. Our strategic design services can help you to navigate the journey from strategy to reality.


Our approach

How we can help you tackle your challenges

Understand your strategy

We work with your executive team to understand your internal and external strategic drivers and your overall ambitions.

Articulate your strategy

We work with your leaders to translate your ambitions into a clearly communicated vision, identifying what you are seeking to achieve, why this matters and how you will do it.

Model the impacts of your strategy

We work with your experts to establish the options you face, evaluate their impacts and design the operating model that will underpin your strategy.

Plan to deliver your strategy

We work with your teams to establish the change roadmap for delivering the strategy and the priorities for your change portfolio.

What we deliver

Whether you are leading a FTSE-100 organisation, government department, agency, or a third sector body, we can work with your senior team to make your strategy a reality. We do this by understanding you, where you are and what you are trying to achieve. We then articulate this ambition into a meaningful and compelling vision that you can use to guide decision-making, engage your people and stakeholders. We will also work with you to model the impacts on your business, including the design of your target operating model. Finally we will help you to establish deliverable and credible plans drawing on our experience of both designing and delivering major transformations. This ensures you can be confident your strategy will be achievable.

How we work

Client testimonial

When you do not know where to start that's where the Moorhouse value really begins. The effort they take to understand your issues, push for clarity and decisions, whilst sharing best practice, means a quality result and a well syndicated and credible future destination.

Director of Operations, Bupa

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Our Services

Strategy into action

Strategy into action

Long-term goals are essential for any organisation, but achieving those goals can be difficult. We can help you deliver your goals.

Strategy into action

Out of the ordinary delivery

Out of the ordinary delivery

We specialise in implementing large-scale, complex or unprecedented change projects, on time and to budget.

Out of the ordinary delivery

Establishing a culture of change

Establishing a culture of change

We improve your in-house processes, toolsets and skills so you can deliver change without external support.

Programme and project culture

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