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Amid an unprecedented global pandemic – and the ongoing challenges posed by the UK’s exit from the EU – public sector organisations must innovate and transform at a level never seen before if they are to continue to meet the needs and expectations of citizens.  

Moorhouse helps central government departments, regulators, commissioners and providers of public services to articulate clear strategies, design customer-centric operating models and implement large-scale transformation programmes.


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Moorhouse achieves Bronze award in UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2021 report

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Charities and Social Impact organisations face a shifting political landscape driving greater focus on cost, sustainability and funding. Never has there been a greater need for their services, but they are also severely impacted by the knock-on effects of the pandemic.

Digital and data advances create exciting possibilities to improve services and delivery, demanding careful investment and capacity building. Amidst these changes, governance is shifting to adapt to wider strategic ambitions. 

Moorhouse helps clients consider their greatest challenges, develop sustainable organisational models and successfully deliver major change. 

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The UK is embarking on a period of unprecedented change across public services. At the heart of government, the agenda is dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic; protecting people’s health, ensuring the continuation of key public services and supporting the economic security of individuals and businesses. 

Against this backdrop government continues to manage the UK’s exit from the EU whilst also delivering priority commitments such as the decarbonisation of the economy, the delivery of critical infrastructure and the digitalisation of public services, alongside embedding new ways of working in front-line delivery.

Our deep understanding of the sector, combined with our experience across Whitehall and arms length bodies, equips us to help solve the most complex challenges and deliver impactful and sustainable change. 

The UK Education sector is facing numerous threats – pressure on funds and student numbers from Brexit, increasingly sophisticated customer demands and a shift to non-traditional, holistic and digital learning. Institutions must rethink their offer if they are to survive and succeed in such a complex environment. 

Moorhouse provides support to organisations in the education sector to navigate these challenges through building customer-centric operating models, developing sustainable business models and harnessing data and digital solutions.

Justice and security organisations face major challenges as they strive to address growing cost pressures and an ambitious transformation agenda without compromising their core responsibility to protect the public from domestic and international threats, as well as support victims and rehabilitate offenders. 

Moorhouse helps organisations to design, deliver and sustain change whilst maintaining focus on outcomes for service users, staff and the wider community.

Moorhouse supports Local Authorities and providers of housing and other local services to achieve their strategic priorities through delivering extensive transformational programmes.

We work at the organisation level – using our extensive experience to develop tailored, user-centric strategies and deliver service quality and cost improvements. We also work at the system level - bringing health and social care organisations together to develop partnerships and improve outcomes for local communities. 

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