Moorhouse supports our public sector clients through a wide range of procurement frameworks

Moorhouse has a dedicated Public Sector team who focus on helping clients improve or transform public services. We operate independently, and with like-minded partner organisations, to provide the specialist skills and experience required to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

We are a trusted partner of many national, regional, and local public sector organisations; reflecting our track record of providing pragmatic advice, adding demonstrable value and delivering sustainable change.

We are an existing supplier on a wide range of public sector frameworks, including those listed below.

If you would like to discuss procurement and contracting options, please contact us here.

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

MCF2 - RM6008

  • Lot 1: Business consultancy

  • Lot 2: Procurement, supply and commercial

  • Lot 3: Complex and transformation

  • Lot 4: Strategic

MCF - RM3745

  • Lot 4: Human Resource (HR)

  • Lot 5: Health and community

  • Lot 7: Infrastructure

G-Cloud 10

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (DOS3)

Other Public Sector Frameworks

Multi-disciplinary Consultancy Services

Lot 1: Healthcare Business Consultancy - Leadership Governance & Strategy
Lot 2: Healthcare Service, Development & Transformation
Lot 3: Healthcare Innovation & Research
Lot 4: Health & Community
Lot 5: IT Consultancy
Lot 7: HR
Lot 9: Education

Health Systems Support Framework

  • Lot 6: Transformation and Change Support

  • Lot 9: System Assurance Support

Professional services procurement categories

Organisational and Change Management

Economic, Financial and Related Consultancy Services Framework

  • Lot 5: Policy development and implementation

  • Lot 6: Project management

To discuss public sector procurement and contracting options with Moorhouse

Please contact us

Joe is an experienced consulting leader, specialising in the design, mobilisation and delivery of large, complex change programmes in both the public and private sectors.

Joe McGarry Client Director - Government & Public Services

Richard Goold Partner