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The public is ever more demanding of public services and less tolerant of poor quality, mistakes or malpractice. Coupled with an ageing population and shifting disease patterns, this is putting unprecedented strain on our public services. The government's reform agenda is driving structural changes across the sector, requiring public service organisations to radically transform by adapting their operating models, finding efficiencies and adopting innovative technology.

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We work with frontline service providers, commissioners, regulators, executive agencies, central departments and the third sector to help them respond and adapt to changing demands. In recent years, we have helped these organisations transform their operating models, cut costs, modernise services, and implement changes triggered by new policy.

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Moorhouse impressed me with the speed at which they got to the heart of our issue, the professionalism of their approach to working with our team, and the quality of the work they delivered

Interim Chief Operating Officer, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

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NHS #OneThing Campaign

When the Chief Executive of NHS Improvement, Jim Mackey, declared “the NHS is in a mess”, few protested. With growing demand for services, ever constrained health and social care finances, more complex health needs, and wide variation in patient experience, the NHS is under unprecedented pressure.  

At Moorhouse, we work with our clients to deliver their ambitions and tackle some of their most complex challenges.  With a focus on pragmatism, we’re exploring what would be the ‘one thing’ that health sector leaders could deliver in order to make the biggest difference.  Clearly, this varies according to specific organizational challenges – so, to bring this to life, we invited healthcare leaders to join us in discussion with the iconic retail brand, John Lewis, to understand the lessons learnt by retailers in delivering major transformational change.  Whilst the differences are stark and must be respected, the parallels between retail and healthcare are also there to be seen. 

Our #NHSOneThing campaign seeks to investigate what healthcare leaders can do – and this series of perspectives, written by experts from our healthcare team, explores the opportunities.

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NHS #OneThing Campaign

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Meet our experts in the health and public services sector

Our people


Richard Jones

Richard Jones, Partner

Richard has extensive experience leading the implementation of health and public services reform priorities.

Client testimonial

Their approach, work-rate and outputs have been first-rate and I will work with them again without hesitation

Director, HM Revenue and Customs