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Case studies

We deliver change for leading organisations, from FTSE 100 companies to central government departments. These case studies offer a snapshot of Moorhouse in action.

  • Helping a grocery retailer and consumer goods company to build a collaborative partnership

    We provided specialist project management and performance improvement support to a grocery retailer and their consumer goods partner, to help turnaround a significant collaboration initiative.

  • Launching a new digital service with a global payments provider

    As part of an overall strategic priority to maintain and grow market share, a global payments organisation recognised the opportunity to launch a digital customer loyalty product. The product rewards customer spend through cashback incentives and was launched with the intent to challenge the European market. Through the use of data analytics, historic consumer card purchases are analysed to promote specific retailer offers using cashback incentives. Where offers are redeemed the global payments organisation take a commission from the retailer. This product was targeted at 25 million consumers, within an entirely new customer segment and industry leading differentiating business proposition.

  • Supporting BT to transform costs

    As part of its expansion strategy, BT is heavily investing in new projects. To fund these, BT embarked on an ambitious cost reduction programme, which aimed to save millions of pounds a year by simplifying processes and streamlining customer services.

  • Helping the health service design and implement change

    When the Health & Social Care Act was passed in 2012, it cemented a wholesale change in the commissioning and regulatory system – with the transfer of responsibilities from organisations such as Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to a set of new entities including NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), the Trust Development Authority (TDA) and Public Health England – and significant new responsibilities for existing organisations such as Monitor.

  • Working on an asset swap between two global pharmaceutical firms

    We provided dedicated programme management to the central communications workstream of a three-part asset swap between two global pharmaceutical organisations. We played a critical role in the planning, delivering and managing of seamless communications throughout the programme. This was crucial to the successful closure of the deal and the creation of three new organisational functions.

  • Implementing a new product and innovation (NPI) framework for a global consumer health business

    We designed improvements to the new product and innovation (NPI) framework for this global consumer healthcare business. Moorhouse implemented a ‘stage-gated’ framework, which improved the speed that new products were developed and could be taken to market while ensuring delivery risk was controlled.

  • Regulatory programme delivery at a tier 1 investment bank

    A new piece of regulation required our client, a tier 1 investment bank, to implement a complex new workstream. We defined and delivered this worksteam, and developed the tools the client needed to support it. This ensured that the bank complied with the regulation without any disruption to the business.

  • Transforming client onboarding at an investment bank

    A global investment bank was struggling to cope with the regulatory demands placed upon its onboarding team. To help them, we implemented a new global technology system, which replaced a number of existing systems and was a key enabler for the adoption of a new operating model. With our support, our client successfully migrated to the new system with little disruption during the transition phase.

  • Helping a global pharmaceutical organisation manage its portfolio

    We provided specialist portfolio management support to a global pharmaceutical organisation, creating a new operating model for our client which improved the visibility of the company’s investment portfolio to its business leaders. This allowed them to make better, more effective decisions.

  • Portfolio management for Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport was about to embark upon its next five-year capital investment programme of around £3.5 billion. It needed to refresh the way it managed this portfolio through a robust framework for empowered prioritisation decision making, delivery control and stakeholder engagement. We were asked to assess the setup and develop a new framework that Heathrow Airport could use to improve the way it managed this vast portfolio.