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  • 30.10.17

    Innovation in Transport and Infrastructure – it’s not just for Uber

    Organisations have long strived for being innovative in delivering products and services. However, the importance they attach to this is significantly increasing* and is particularly evident in the transport and infrastructure sector. The sector has been at the forefront of innovation with relatively new entrants like Uber having a transformational impact. However, what about ‘traditional’ transport and infrastructure providers and operators?

  • 30.10.17

    Taking the ‘general’ out of general practice – moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ model to better meet patient needs

    General Practice is under severe and mounting pressure. There is a rising demand for appointments, with a 15% increase in the number of consultations evident from 2010 – 2015, coupled with a growing dissatisfaction from the public over the difficulty in accessing GP appointments. There is an ageing and increasingly diverse population, with more complex (and often multiple) conditions. There have been significant cuts to social care budgets, which has increased GP case loads. And there is an ongoing workforce recruitment and retention problem, with vacancies having risen by 10.5% in the last year.

  • 27.10.17

    Fear of Change: warning potentially highly contagious

    Aristotle is quoted as saying ‘we are what we repeatedly do’. In today’s world, we know that people are creatures of habit and we are loathe to depart from our usual routine – both across our personal and professional life. However, as the Moorhouse Barometer on Change highlighted, change has become the new constant for most organisations. As the scale and pace of change continues to grow, to enable us to cope with the pace of change we need to understand and unpick our human behaviours. If we can understand this better, this can help immunise our organisations against the fear of change, minimise resistance and help embed a culture of change across an organisation.

  • 23.10.17

    Net Neutrality – Time To Catch Up?

    On 18th May 2017, a pivotal vote was cast by the Federal Communications Committee in America. This vote began the reversal of what is commonly known as Net Neutrality, the regulation that all internet traffic is to be treated of equal importance, irrespective of its contents.

  • 16.10.17

    Consuming 17,000 calories a year too many. Do we need a fat tax?

    The obesity crisis is costly. Sustainable Transformation Partnerships (STPs) are currently in the early phases of system-wide transformation of services. They are focusing, amongst other things, on shifting patient activity, financial balance, workforce pressures and new roles and ways of working. Alongside these strategies, prevention has been identified as key to both maintaining the health of the population and reducing long term pressures on the system. One of the key battle lines drawn is in relation to our diets in the bid to fight the increasing prevalence of obesity. Prevention is really the only way to win this expensive fight.

  • 12.10.17

    De-risking investment in innovation

    In today’s competitive marketplace, firms are facing more short-term pressure than ever to maintain revenue parity, let alone demonstrate growth. As a result, they are less willing to invest in fostering innovation. In fact, 80% of CEOs said they would decline to make an investment to fuel innovation if it meant missing one quarter of earnings results*. It is a common fear that focusing on innovation can lead to a lack of attention on current business activity and therefore have a detrimental effect on business as usual.

  • 12.10.17

    Blockchain and Banking: 2B or not 2B

    When you strip back the hype, blockchain is a form of database for recording digital transactions. Once entered, records become both permanent and immutable, creating an accurate and tamperproof history of transacted values – one of the reasons it has created so much interest, given the increasing focus on security. Blockchain is often described as ‘distributed’ or ‘de-centralised’ because it does not require a central entity to maintain it – which is why it is believed to pose a threat to existing intermediaries and central administrators, whose reason for being is to perform this role.

  • 10.10.17

    Take 10 for World Mental Health Day

    It’s Tuesday morning. Day two of the working week and Friday feels like a lifetime away. By now, many of you will have kick started the day with a large skinny latte, checked your emails on a busy commuter train, and already started to think about how to juggle deliverables, meetings, your midweek HIIT class and the ever-growing list of life admin tasks you didn’t quite get to over the weekend.

  • 10.10.17

    If we had the ability to see round corners...

    If you had a superpower what would it be?  The ability to fly? The ability to travel through time?  The ability to turn back the clock?  For me I would love to be able to see round corners.  Not in an ostrich neck kind of way but being able to anticipate and see things coming before they either hit me at speed or creep up and catch me by surprise.

  • 26.09.17

    M&A: How good are you at integrating different cultures?

    M&A activity has remained robust in the UK since the Brexit vote in June 2016, with Baker McKenzie forecasting US$125 billion of activity in 2017 as companies continue to look for growth and consolidation opportunities. As a solid appetite for transactions is predicted, the pressure is on for companies to deliver growth for their shareholders. After finding the right acquisition target, the next key question for management is ‘Can they deliver a successful integration?’