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  • 25.05.18

    Four things to do after GDPR deadline day

    GDPR is here. The day we’ve all been working toward (or not) for the last two years. But as we all know, there’s more work to do. Based on our experience of supporting clients with GDPR implementation across sectors, we’ve picked four high priorities for action after May 25th.

  • 18.05.18

    Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management: developing organisation wide response capability

    A recent study by Continuity Central showed “the integration of Business Continuity Management (BCM) with other organisational teams” is one of the top change themes for 2018.

  • 15.05.18

    What does mental health mean to me?

    Mental health has been described as ‘a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being’[1]. For me, mental health is two-fold. It is the psychological obstacles or identified disorders experienced by an estimated one in four[2] individuals that may require psychiatric intervention or psychological therapies. On the opposite end of the spectrum, mental health encompasses wellbeing, mindfulness and an overall satisfaction with the areas of life that are important to an individual.

  • 01.05.18

    After the hype has faded, how will Sainsbury’s deliver the benefits of a new merged entity with Asda

    The Asda and Sainsbury’s merger follows a spate of consolidations in the retail sector as companies grapple to contend with the discounters, changing consumer trends, challenging economic environment and the ever-present threat of Amazon. The question is how an expanded Sainsbury’s will manage the complexity of delivering the synergies while continuing to implement the significant portfolio of change already underway and maintain focus on the basics of retail operations.

  • 01.05.18

    Challenging Orthodoxies

    Embracing diversity ensures our people are both happy and fulfilled but also enables us to attract the very best talent. As Moorhouse grows as a firm, we are working to ensure we remain an inclusive place to work.

  • 20.04.18

    Making Waves: How to Expand in a Saturated Market

    The UK Telecoms market is saturated, making it harder for new players to enter and for established telcos to grow – a pattern replicated in mature markets across the world. Market saturation is often misinterpreted as a lack of opportunity, when in fact it is a sign of overall product commoditisation and the corresponding shift in consumer expectation. Market saturation doesn’t mean market stagnation – it’s a chance for companies to be bolder and smarter in an environment where customers will increasingly see Telcos as utility companies.

  • 04.04.18

    What’s next for regulation in the Telecoms industry?

    Early last year, we remarked on the new trends in regulation in the Telecoms, Media and Technology industry. 2016/17 was certainly busy, with regulators issuing record fines, blocking the proposed merger of O2 and Three, and enforcing the legal separation of Openreach from BT. It looks like this was just the start. Fines, probes, and new legislation followed and look set to continue. So what's next, and how do providers keep up?

  • 29.03.18

    Extraordinary Leaders at Moorhouse

    Our quarterly escape. 120 Moorhouse consultants at RADA studios. Cue a day of Jazz hands. Well if you want. If that’s your style, or sometimes your style, be it ironically or sincerely, or equally just something you would never do if you were paid to. That is the first beauty of leadership – we all have our own styles, but secondly and, more importantly we all have the potential to be extraordinary leaders. Regardless of age, experience or role in the company.

  • 22.03.18

    Change Management: it’s time to stop making excuses

    The likelihood of delivering change successfully is recognised as low, with many different sources citing statistics which show a high failure rate for organisational change programmes.

  • 15.02.18

    Constant change: Managing the ‘New Normal’

    The current economic landscape represents a constant change. As people live longer, workforce demographics change; throw in technological disrupters such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and this all adds to demand and expectation on the economy. This is now our ‘new normal’.