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  • 12.09.17

    Effective store lifecycle management provides the foundations to succeed in an unforgiving retail market

    In the early-2000’s many commentators forecasted the demise of bricks and mortar retail stores, expecting consumers to move to online channels. Nearly 20 years later it is clear this forecast has proved was exaggerated, and retailers now view physical stores as a strategic asset that can support an omni-channel consumer proposition. The strategic importance of physical stores is recognised by some retailers who were previously only online, and are now selectively opening stores or acquiring retail assets to improve consumer engagement and support order fulfilment.

  • 01.09.17

    Superfast wireless internet for all? Get ahead of the curve and maximise the benefits of 5G

    It is just 10 years since the birth of the smartphone and the pace of change in mobile communications has been nothing short of breath-taking. The 3G network, which had been more than sufficient to meet mobile phone users’ needs up until then, was quickly superseded - with 4G services being introduced within six years to cater for ever-increasing demands for data capacity.

  • 23.08.17

    Feeling the pinch in investment banking? The drive for cost reduction and the road to shared utilities

    The investment banking industry has not traditionally been known for penny-pinching. Yet in recent years as the demands of complying with a wave of regulatory requirements has put heavy pressure on profit margins, reducing costs has become a top strategic priority. In this blog we will look at the steps that investment banks have taken to curb spending across the industry and assess whether these measures will in the end deliver the desired results. One of the options we explore is the increasing use of shared utilities to reduce spending, improve performance and enhance the customer experience.

  • 11.08.17

    How Brexit risks a flourishing aviation sector

    In this blog, we explain current EU aviation agreements, and how leaving these agreements will impact UK airlines. As the Brexit negotiations progress and the details of a deal emerge, we will post further updates and look at the implications for each part of the UK aviation sector in turn.

  • 05.07.17

    Five key tips for a customer centric IT operating model

    Everyone talks about ‘going digital’, but what does this mean to the leadership team of a large company in structuring the IT function? In short, we think it is all about customer centricity.

  • 31.05.17

    Incubation to integration: how can major FS firms successfully integrate the new wave of FinTechs?

    London is acknowledged as both a major financial centre and an important hub for technology start-ups. As a result, the City plays host to many financial technology businesses (‘FinTechs’) that are becoming ever more successful. M&A represents a significant opportunity for the incumbents to capitalise.

  • 10.05.17

    Delivering 'Sustainability & Transformation Plans' for the NHS

    The 'Next Steps for the Five Year Forward View', published at the end of March 2017, has made it absolutely clear that Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STPs) are now the only game in town for tackling the quality and efficiency challenges faced by the NHS.

  • 11.04.17

    Brexit: A bitter pill to swallow? Part 2

    Last week, Moorhouse discussed the implications Brexit could have on the UK’s pharmaceutical Research and Development operations. This is part of a series of blogs in which we discuss the potential impact of Brexit on the sector.

  • 31.03.17

    Brexit: A bitter pill to swallow? Part 1

    June 23rd 2016 marked a new era in UK history as the country decided to leave the EU. The ‘Leave’ vote was unexpected and it soon became clear that little had been done in the way of planning how this Brexit would pan out in practice, leaving companies that operate in the region immersed in a shroud of uncertainty.

  • 28.03.17

    Technology and the Customer Impact in 2017

    From market share battles of telco operators, to the growing influence of Amazon and smart homes, 2017 is shaping up to be a transformative year for Technology Media and Telco (TMT). There are several technology trends that Moorhouse is tracking, which we believe will have a significant impact on the TMT sector in 2017.