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  • 27.07.16

    Know your customer: Get consistent to get ahead

    Top of the table for customer service is an enviable place to be for telecoms providers. In a sector plagued with low customer trust, being placed alongside top companies for customer service across all sectors is no mean feat. In the mobile market, traditional providers are now competing with smaller, newer companies to retain their market share

  • 26.07.16

    Boris’ Billions: How could the NHS spend an additional £350m per week…?

    In the wake of the EU Referendum result that shook us to the core on Friday 24th June 2016, the Brexiteers’ key headline incentives quickly unravelled.

  • 27.05.16

    Regulation and Brexit - how telecom firms can get ahead

    With the prospect of Brexit and Ofcom’s increasing regulation, the UK telecoms industry is going through a period of intense change and disruption. Although, this isn’t all bad. UK telecoms can gain an ​advantage of regulatory policies and stay ahead of their competitors by seeking out opportunities in regulation.

  • 19.05.16

    Top tips for successful carve out programmes

    The recent news from RBS about the complexity of separating Williams & Glyn as a ‘complex process’ is an understatement; carve out programmes are complex beasts. Companies that have been built up over time, either through acquisition or organically, often end up with a plethora of legacy systems and processes that so intertwined it is a long and complex process to unpick.

  • 09.05.16

    Blockchain: the next big thing?

    “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything” – Steve Jobs. Apple stopped us going into shops to buy music. Amazon allowed us to buy presents in our pajamas. Facebook stopped us needing to talk.

  • 25.04.16

    The people vs technology part one: your greatest form of defence

    There’s no denying it. Cyber security has long since firmly taken its place as a C-suite priority across businesses and Governments worldwide with global spending reaching a staggering $76.9 billion last year.

  • 14.04.16

    Is it all hot air? Global warming and the transport industry

    Climate change is a critical subject and has been yet again in the forefront of the public eye recently at the COP21 summit held at the end of 2015 in Paris. At this summit, countries committed to proposed measures to curb peak greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, in order to keep global temperature increase ‘well below 2°C’.

  • 06.04.16

    Shaping the Digital Transformation Programme

    In our last Perspective, we looked at how organisations can realise the potential of Digital and the 5 principles of embedding Digital into an organisation. So what next? You need to establish your Digital Transformation programme and ensure it is set-up for success.

  • 01.04.16

    Regulation and Innovation - friend or foe?

    The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has had a busy first 12 months undergoing market reviews, mobilising the payment strategy forum and setting guidance for how the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) will be implemented in the UK.

  • 30.03.16

    Five principles of the Digital enterprise

    We looked at how the new global Digital platform has and will continue to disrupt markets and competition in our last Perspective. This is driven by unique Digital characteristics, such as limitless availability and zero distribution costs. Organisations now need to adapt to harness the potential of Digital or they risk losing market share to new Digital power houses.