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  • 09.01.17

    The NHS: balancing control and judgement in a climate of uncertainty

    Delivering healthcare involves risk. Doctors, nurses and hospital managers have to make many judgement calls on a daily basis. But these judgements can be unpredictable due to the complexity of the patients they treat, and the health systems they operate in. This unpredictability makes it hard to standardise practice across all departments – and this variation can result in performance challenges.

  • 05.01.17

    TMT regulation: what frequency are the regulators on?

    In 2016 we saw Ofcom and the wider regulatory bodies continuing to ‘step it up’ in terms of putting out some clear signals to the market and direct intervention. There were several million pounds worth of high profile fines and penalties, new proposed regulations for triple play, auto-compensation and the ordered legal split of Openreach from BT, as well as some more subtle moves to influence this highly competitive market.

  • 15.12.16

    Riding the Regulatory Wave with RegTech

    Financial regulation isn’t new. In the UK, the banking act in 1979 was the first UK Act to put banking regulation on a statutory footing. Prior to this there was no regulation of the sector. Whilst the focus of regulation – in particular post crash since 2008 – has been to protect consumers, it also is there to help drive innovation within the sector.

  • 05.12.16

    Innovation: your response to a changing world

    Consumer goods companies are experiencing a trading environment that is more challenging and complex than ever before. Consumers are more demanding, digital disruption is increasing, supply chains are becoming more global, there are increasing regulatory challenges and increasing political and economic uncertainty. The pound has fallen by 15% on a trade-weighted basis since the Brexit vote and in October it received the “accolade” of being the world’s worst performing currency. Innovation led growth will be key for UK consumer goods companies to stay ahead of the competition and navigate this challenging environment.

  • 07.11.16

    Power to the People - Product Development & Launch Excellence in a Digital World

    Social media and the growing role of the ‘internet of things’ is increasingly blurring the separation between physical products, services and digital offerings. Take pedometers for example, these have been transformed from simple step counters into sophisticated wearables with a digital offering. They now come packaged with an online web profile, mobile app, online feedback forum, comparison site and the opportunity for remote performance monitoring. This all-encompassing application experience is redefining customer expectations for new products.

  • 03.11.16

    Finding the truth from data in Financial Services: Change Management is the Key

    “We’ll call 2015 the year of the pancake” was how Mike Mayo (analyst at CLSA) described a year that saw the six biggest banks in the US produce revenues that did not rise from their 2014 levels. Banks have operated within a difficult environment since the financial crisis, which has seen revenues hampered and escalating regulatory costs. These challenges look set to continue for the near term future at least and continue to impact the ability to increase returns on investment.

  • 02.11.16

    NHS in the future: we need more transparency and clarity

    Delivering change is difficult, and the NHS has a lot to deliver. One thing that could make the difference would be to help staff understand how their day-to-day work fits with the wider strategy of their hospital.

  • 31.10.16

    Could M&A be on the rise in oil & gas?

    Oil prices began to decline in 2014 as increased US shale production reduced the American dependency on foreign imports. As global production levels continued at an expediential rate, oil prices were driven down. It signalled the beginning of the latest economic recession to hit the industry, and in an effort to adapt to reduced oil prices, companies throughout the supply chain responded by cutting costs across the board.

  • 20.10.16

    Our NHS is in trouble: only strategic thinking will plot a route to recovery

    The pressures currently facing the NHS are widely known: constraints on resources; staffing shortages; declining performance; ever-increasing demands on services. These perennial problems no longer feel sensationalist but alarmingly real and ever-present. Yet, common responses such as outsourcing activity or introducing locum staff, are too often reactive and short-termist, addressing the symptoms rather than the roots of problems. NHS leaders need to change their approach if they are to deliver sustainable and progressive solutions for affordable and effective care.

  • 13.10.16

    The NHS Partnership: can the NHS work for its staff?

    Founded in 1864, John Lewis is one of the UK’s greatest retail success stories. Like the NHS, it is founded on clear, strong principles that have stood the test of time, and both organisations are now treasured British icons. These organisations, however, articulate the role of their staff very differently.