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  • 25.01.16

    Digital developments to distribution in retail banking

    Emerging digital distribution channels are fundamentally changing the way that customers interact with retail banks. Tech-savvy customers are using mobile and online to meet their day to day banking needs but are reserving their most complex queries for branches. Unsurprisingly, retail banks are having to radically review their distribution channel. A key question is are they responding effectively enough to meeting this rapidly changing customer need?

  • 19.01.16

    The rise of digital and how it can help to transform the NHS

    With the rapid growth of digital technology, and a range of unexploited opportunities resulting from legacy IT programme failures, the NHS should embrace digital technology to genuinely transform the way services are delivered.

  • 08.01.16

    M&A deals are reaching crunch point for UK telecoms

    The UK telecoms market is likely to see a major shake-up in 2016 with two prominent M&A deals coming to head shortly. The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) is to announce a final decision regarding the BT and EE deal worth £12.5bn imminently and in February the European Commission is due to report its initial findings on the H3G and O2 deal worth £10.5bn.

  • 06.01.16

    Patients don't get sick on Sundays...

    The first wave of the Prime Minister’s ‘Challenge Fund’ pilots across England have tested seven day access to GP practices, with some surprising results. Seven day access to general practice from 8am to 8pm was the first pledge in the Conservative manifesto, and it’s been in the media spotlight ever since. The key question is: do patients really need or want a seven day service?

  • 10.12.15

    Quad play: Will telecoms providers make it work?

    At a strategic level, quad play – where telecommunications companies provide mobile, TV, broadband and fixed line services – sounds like quite a simple idea. Customers benefit from bulk purchase discounts, and the provider benefits from increased revenue per customer and reduced customer churn. But at an operational level, quad play is not a simple change and requires robust execution.

  • 01.12.15

    These are the Challengers - pretenders to the retail banking crown - and they're here to stay

    In a true David and Goliath story, does Goliath have what it takes to keep up with the pace of change, or will the more agile David win out once again?

  • 25.11.15

    The Brexit Decision: Uncertainty is the enemy of investment

    Impacts from uncertainty over Britain’s future ahead of the EU referendum are already being felt based on comments from Ross Walker, the RBS chief economist.

  • 23.11.15

    Government spending review – what it means, and why portfolio decisions are more important than ever

    Government departments are set to lose £4 trillion in funding over the current period of parliament – how can those savings be found?

  • 18.11.15

    Tackling the obesity crisis - Are we ready for a sugar tax?

    Lessons from the smoking ban suggest that the public may not be ready for a sugar tax. Instead, a broad range of targeted initiatives on obesity need to be mobilised now in order to pave the way for greater intervention if necessary.

  • 12.11.15

    The unnecessary divide between policy and implementation

    For government to successfully deliver, implementation must have a greater role in the policy making process