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  • 09.11.15

    Financial service institutions need a revolution, not an evolution

    This year’s Barometer (avoid the zombies, innovate for growth) reflects that many financial service institutions (FSIs) are no longer cutting costs just to protect the bottom line. High growth organisations are transforming the relationships with their customers through the re-investment in new products, digital capabilities and untangling the issues of legacy infrastructure as they return to growth.

  • 09.11.15

    Mind the gap: transport firms want new skills

    The 2015/16 Barometer on Change reflects some key trends emerging across the transport sector, with the three key themes resonating across the sector:

  • 02.11.15

    Modernising traditions from a legal services perspective

    The themes emerging from the Barometer on Change 2015/16 resonate throughout the legal sector. A focus on cost reduction, coupled with a desire to re-invest in innovative client service delivery dominates the agenda. It is clear that adopting a mind-set that is open to change is a challenge that must be overcome.

  • 30.10.15

    A change in pace for pharmaceuticals and consumer business

    The themes coming out of our fourth Barometer on Change are reflected emphatically across the pharmaceutical and consumer business sectors, where the pace of change has intensified over recent years, and is only expected to increase further in the short to medium term. The industries are busy grappling with a perfect storm of challenges such as:

  • 30.10.15

    Do mergers and acquisitions benefit consumers?

    The Barometer on Change 2015/16 findings resonate strongly with the challenges our clients face across the technology, media and telecoms sector.

  • 30.10.15

    Change is constant for the health sector

    The overwhelming conclusion from this year’s Barometer on Change - change is the ‘new constant’ - is acutely felt across the health sector.

  • 30.10.15

    It's game on: Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) v. Tech Giants

    Traditional institutions have dominated the Payments industry for yonks. But will this status quo – in which payment systems continue to be run by and for the major banks – last?

  • 23.10.15

    The house that Big Banks built

    The structure is sound, but the decoration is old.

  • 09.10.15


    We launched the Barometer on Change 2015/16 this week and 'DELIVER' provides a really helpful mnemonic that captures a number of the key messages:

  • 06.10.15

    What’s stopping quad play and do consumers really care?

    The concept of converged services is nothing new. For the past decade, providers have bundled together broadband and fixed telephone services and take up of this offering has been very successful (approx. 46% of UK households subscribe to a double-play package). More recently triple play packages have been brought to market with TV services being added to the standard double-bundle.