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  • 30.10.15

    Do mergers and acquisitions benefit consumers?

    The Barometer on Change 2015/16 findings resonate strongly with the challenges our clients face across the technology, media and telecoms sector.

  • 30.10.15

    Change is constant for the health sector

    The overwhelming conclusion from this year’s Barometer on Change - change is the ‘new constant’ - is acutely felt across the health sector.

  • 30.10.15

    It's game on: Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) v. Tech Giants

    Traditional institutions have dominated the Payments industry for yonks. But will this status quo – in which payment systems continue to be run by and for the major banks – last?

  • 23.10.15

    The house that Big Banks built

    The structure is sound, but the decoration is old.

  • 09.10.15


    We launched the Barometer on Change 2015/16 this week and 'DELIVER' provides a really helpful mnemonic that captures a number of the key messages:

  • 06.10.15

    What’s stopping quad play and do consumers really care?

    The concept of converged services is nothing new. For the past decade, providers have bundled together broadband and fixed telephone services and take up of this offering has been very successful (approx. 46% of UK households subscribe to a double-play package). More recently triple play packages have been brought to market with TV services being added to the standard double-bundle.

  • 30.09.15

    It's that time again!

    We’re very excited ahead of the imminent launch our fourth annual Barometer on Change, which is drawn from an independent survey of over 200 board members and their direct reports.

  • 08.09.15

    Millennials and FinTechs: the marriage that could change an industry

    Big banks have dominated the retail market for decades. Almost 90% of the industry has been controlled by the top six institutions in recent years, as competition has been limited and customers equate well-known brands with a secure service.

  • 03.08.15

    Seven steps of successful integration: a checklist

    What are the seven steps to ensure that a merger delivers the expected benefits?

  • 19.05.15

    How important is collaboration amongst the frenzy of M&A activity?

    There is a tendency to consider the sort of game-changing disruption we see today in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sector as coming almost exclusively from new technologies, consolidation in the market through M&A activity and new entrants. Whilst there is a significant amount of M&A activity in the market we are also seeing that convergence and disruption is now resulting in collaboration.