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  • 19.05.15

    How important is collaboration amongst the frenzy of M&A activity?

    There is a tendency to consider the sort of game-changing disruption we see today in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sector as coming almost exclusively from new technologies, consolidation in the market through M&A activity and new entrants. Whilst there is a significant amount of M&A activity in the market we are also seeing that convergence and disruption is now resulting in collaboration.

  • 27.04.15

    At the heart of a sustainable NHS

    It was refreshing to read David Aaronovitch’s column in The Times calling for a dose of reality when it comes to NHS funding. While £8bn is the cost that the NHS itself has suggested in the Five Year Forward View, there is widespread acceptance in the sector that there cannot simply be a race to spend the most.

  • 16.04.15

    M&A in the spotlight

    The news of Shell’s takeover of BG Group reported in The Telegraph, amongst others, is yet another example of the astounding amount of M&A activity taking place all over the world right now – the first three months of 2015 representing the fastest start to the ‘season’ since 2007.

  • 09.04.15

    Strong winds blow in the TMT sector

    It has been well documented recently that the TMT sector is experiencing rapid and radical change that in turn is driving M&A activity. Notable deals have been discussed between BT and EE as well as Hutchinson Whampoa and Telefonica O2. Talk Talk is also being looked at by Vodafone. This is all great for those organisations that are seeking to increase their market share, fast-track their ability to offer new products and services, respond to customer demand and, of course, demonstrate a return for shareholders. But this is just the start.

  • 09.04.15

    Embed a culture of change in financial services to avoid getting left behind

    It has been reported recently that jobs in the City have been lost in spite of an upbeat outlook. And indeed it is unsurprising that we have been hearing about these conflicting reports regarding the rise and fall of employment given the new capital rules and regulatory requirements, which has left many struggling to know which way to turn.

  • 25.03.15

    Mergers, acquisitions and integrations in TMT

    I recently attended the TMT M&A Forum 2015. The conference focus was on how transactions are driving change in telecoms, media and technology. The impressive speaker line-up included Virgin, Telefonica and BSkyB. They, and the other speakers, led the discussion around why transactions in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are so topical and debated the reasons behind this including the convergence of business models, the monetisation of digital platforms and easier access to finance.

  • 18.03.15

    Transformation in the NHS

    In response to the article 'GP surgeries lead NHS shake-up' reported in the Times on 11 March, it is encouraging to see evidence of more widespread acceptance of the NHS’ pressing need for wholesale transformation into a more holistic and patient-centric service.