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  • 01.05.18

    After the hype has faded, how will Sainsbury’s deliver the benefits of a new merged entity with Asda

    The Asda and Sainsbury’s merger follows a spate of consolidations in the retail sector as companies grapple to contend with the discounters, changing consumer trends, challenging economic environment and the ever-present threat of Amazon. The question is how an expanded Sainsbury’s will manage the complexity of delivering the synergies while continuing to implement the significant portfolio of change already underway and maintain focus on the basics of retail operations.

  • 12.01.18

    Five fundamentals for a successful integration

    Time Warner-AOL, Sprint-Nextel, eBay-Skype. What do these have in common? They are all examples of M&A deals gone wrong. They are all integrations that failed to deliver the benefits identified in the pre-deal phase.

  • 26.09.17

    M&A: How good are you at integrating different cultures?

    M&A activity has remained robust in the UK since the Brexit vote in June 2016, with Baker McKenzie forecasting US$125 billion of activity in 2017 as companies continue to look for growth and consolidation opportunities. As a solid appetite for transactions is predicted, the pressure is on for companies to deliver growth for their shareholders. After finding the right acquisition target, the next key question for management is ‘Can they deliver a successful integration?’

  • 31.05.17

    Incubation to integration: how can major FS firms successfully integrate the new wave of FinTechs?

    London is acknowledged as both a major financial centre and an important hub for technology start-ups. As a result, the City plays host to many financial technology businesses (‘FinTechs’) that are becoming ever more successful. M&A represents a significant opportunity for the incumbents to capitalise.

  • 31.10.16

    Could M&A be on the rise in oil & gas?

    Oil prices began to decline in 2014 as increased US shale production reduced the American dependency on foreign imports. As global production levels continued at an expediential rate, oil prices were driven down. It signalled the beginning of the latest economic recession to hit the industry, and in an effort to adapt to reduced oil prices, companies throughout the supply chain responded by cutting costs across the board.

  • 27.05.16

    Regulation and Brexit - how telecom firms can get ahead

    With the prospect of Brexit and Ofcom’s increasing regulation, the UK telecoms industry is going through a period of intense change and disruption. Although, this isn’t all bad. UK telecoms can gain an ​advantage of regulatory policies and stay ahead of their competitors by seeking out opportunities in regulation.

  • 19.05.16

    Top tips for successful carve out programmes

    The recent news from RBS about the complexity of separating Williams & Glyn as a ‘complex process’ is an understatement; carve out programmes are complex beasts. Companies that have been built up over time, either through acquisition or organically, often end up with a plethora of legacy systems and processes that so intertwined it is a long and complex process to unpick.

  • 08.01.16

    M&A deals are reaching crunch point for UK telecoms

    The UK telecoms market is likely to see a major shake-up in 2016 with two prominent M&A deals coming to head shortly. The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) is to announce a final decision regarding the BT and EE deal worth £12.5bn imminently and in February the European Commission is due to report its initial findings on the H3G and O2 deal worth £10.5bn.

  • 09.11.15

    Mind the gap: transport firms want new skills

    The 2015/16 Barometer on Change reflects some key trends emerging across the transport sector, with the three key themes resonating across the sector:

  • 30.10.15

    Do mergers and acquisitions benefit consumers?

    The Barometer on Change 2015/16 findings resonate strongly with the challenges our clients face across the technology, media and telecoms sector.