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  • 01.05.18

    After the hype has faded, how will Sainsbury’s deliver the benefits of a new merged entity with Asda

    The Asda and Sainsbury’s merger follows a spate of consolidations in the retail sector as companies grapple to contend with the discounters, changing consumer trends, challenging economic environment and the ever-present threat of Amazon. The question is how an expanded Sainsbury’s will manage the complexity of delivering the synergies while continuing to implement the significant portfolio of change already underway and maintain focus on the basics of retail operations.

  • 22.03.18

    Change Management: it’s time to stop making excuses

    The likelihood of delivering change successfully is recognised as low, with many different sources citing statistics which show a high failure rate for organisational change programmes.

  • 15.02.18

    Constant change: Managing the ‘New Normal’

    The current economic landscape represents a constant change. As people live longer, workforce demographics change; throw in technological disrupters such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and this all adds to demand and expectation on the economy. This is now our ‘new normal’.

  • 27.10.17

    Fear of Change: warning potentially highly contagious

    Aristotle is quoted as saying ‘we are what we repeatedly do’. In today’s world, we know that people are creatures of habit and we are loathe to depart from our usual routine – both across our personal and professional life. However, as the Moorhouse Barometer on Change highlighted, change has become the new constant for most organisations. As the scale and pace of change continues to grow, to enable us to cope with the pace of change we need to understand and unpick our human behaviours. If we can understand this better, this can help immunise our organisations against the fear of change, minimise resistance and help embed a culture of change across an organisation.

  • 03.11.16

    Finding the truth from data in Financial Services: Change Management is the Key

    “We’ll call 2015 the year of the pancake” was how Mike Mayo (analyst at CLSA) described a year that saw the six biggest banks in the US produce revenues that did not rise from their 2014 levels. Banks have operated within a difficult environment since the financial crisis, which has seen revenues hampered and escalating regulatory costs. These challenges look set to continue for the near term future at least and continue to impact the ability to increase returns on investment.

  • 20.10.16

    Our NHS is in trouble: only strategic thinking will plot a route to recovery

    The pressures currently facing the NHS are widely known: constraints on resources; staffing shortages; declining performance; ever-increasing demands on services. These perennial problems no longer feel sensationalist but alarmingly real and ever-present. Yet, common responses such as outsourcing activity or introducing locum staff, are too often reactive and short-termist, addressing the symptoms rather than the roots of problems. NHS leaders need to change their approach if they are to deliver sustainable and progressive solutions for affordable and effective care.

  • 13.10.16

    The NHS Partnership: can the NHS work for its staff?

    Founded in 1864, John Lewis is one of the UK’s greatest retail success stories. Like the NHS, it is founded on clear, strong principles that have stood the test of time, and both organisations are now treasured British icons. These organisations, however, articulate the role of their staff very differently.

  • 01.09.16

    The NHS Workforce – why recruitment can’t be the only answer

    The EU referendum brought intense spotlight on the future of the NHS. Both sides spoke of increasing demand for services, high staff vacancy rates, and increasingly severe financial challenges. With 130,000 NHS workers originating from the European Union (10% of Doctors and 5% of Nurses), Brexit could have a significant impact on the service.

  • 14.04.16

    Is it all hot air? Global warming and the transport industry

    Climate change is a critical subject and has been yet again in the forefront of the public eye recently at the COP21 summit held at the end of 2015 in Paris. At this summit, countries committed to proposed measures to curb peak greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, in order to keep global temperature increase ‘well below 2°C’.

  • 03.03.16

    Keeping up with the kids

    The next generation of customers are different to any that technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) firms have known before, for one key reason; these customers have grown up with technology. It comes naturally to them, it is part of their lives, and they are used to a world where their work, relationships and home needs are met through technology. As a result, customer expectations are rising, and are increasingly willing to switch between providers to meet their needs.