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  • 06.06.18

    Physical estate – getting the right fit for retail

    Another month, another bloodbath on UK high streets. 100 stores to go at M&S, 49 at Mothercare and a 42% decline in profits at Arcadia. The horror show comes with a consistent villain; nimbler online competitors, better serving the changing habits of the British shopper.

  • 22.12.17

    Insight: setting the expectations of the patient/customer

    In July 2018, the National Health Service will mark its 70th birthday. Much has changed since 1948 but it is perhaps remarkable then that the core founding principles of the NHS are unchanged:

  • 12.10.17

    De-risking investment in innovation

    In today’s competitive marketplace, firms are facing more short-term pressure than ever to maintain revenue parity, let alone demonstrate growth. As a result, they are less willing to invest in fostering innovation. In fact, 80% of CEOs said they would decline to make an investment to fuel innovation if it meant missing one quarter of earnings results*. It is a common fear that focusing on innovation can lead to a lack of attention on current business activity and therefore have a detrimental effect on business as usual.