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  • 23.08.17

    Feeling the pinch in investment banking? The drive for cost reduction and the road to shared utilities

    The investment banking industry has not traditionally been known for penny-pinching. Yet in recent years as the demands of complying with a wave of regulatory requirements has put heavy pressure on profit margins, reducing costs has become a top strategic priority. In this blog we will look at the steps that investment banks have taken to curb spending across the industry and assess whether these measures will in the end deliver the desired results. One of the options we explore is the increasing use of shared utilities to reduce spending, improve performance and enhance the customer experience.

  • 05.07.17

    Five key tips for a customer centric IT operating model

    Everyone talks about ‘going digital’, but what does this mean to the leadership team of a large company in structuring the IT function? In short, we think it is all about customer centricity.

  • 31.05.17

    Incubation to integration: how can major FS firms successfully integrate the new wave of FinTechs?

    London is acknowledged as both a major financial centre and an important hub for technology start-ups. As a result, the City plays host to many financial technology businesses (‘FinTechs’) that are becoming ever more successful. M&A represents a significant opportunity for the incumbents to capitalise.

  • 22.03.17

    Data and collaboration: turning regulatory challenge into opportunity

    The regulatory requirements placed on firms since the 2008 crisis have rarely been out of the financial press and with MiFID II’s implementation date now less than one year away this trend looks set to continue. To meet the complex challenges posed by this continued wave of new regulation, financial services firms must focus on making better use of their data and optimising strategic collaboration both within their organisations and across the sector.

  • 15.12.16

    Riding the Regulatory Wave with RegTech

    Financial regulation isn’t new. In the UK, the banking act in 1979 was the first UK Act to put banking regulation on a statutory footing. Prior to this there was no regulation of the sector. Whilst the focus of regulation – in particular post crash since 2008 – has been to protect consumers, it also is there to help drive innovation within the sector.

  • 03.11.16

    Finding the truth from data in Financial Services: Change Management is the Key

    “We’ll call 2015 the year of the pancake” was how Mike Mayo (analyst at CLSA) described a year that saw the six biggest banks in the US produce revenues that did not rise from their 2014 levels. Banks have operated within a difficult environment since the financial crisis, which has seen revenues hampered and escalating regulatory costs. These challenges look set to continue for the near term future at least and continue to impact the ability to increase returns on investment.

  • 26.09.16

    The people vs technology part two: the prosecutor’s half truth

    So, the verdict is out – as a result of cyber security attacks against your bank’s digital assets your archaic IT is to blame for the £300 million you lost last year. The price? You need to spend around £80 million on defensible technology architecture to make it right. That’s the modern day narrative for most Financial Institutions (FIs) today, when it comes to protecting themselves against cyber security hacks.

  • 04.08.16

    Personalisation: Why are we waiting…?

    For years there has been talk of big data, personalisation and the big revolution we would see both in the world of advertising and in the way businesses connect to individual consumers. We were promised a shift away from the traditional form of mass marketing into the lines a more personal digital experience

  • 19.05.16

    Top tips for successful carve out programmes

    The recent news from RBS about the complexity of separating Williams & Glyn as a ‘complex process’ is an understatement; carve out programmes are complex beasts. Companies that have been built up over time, either through acquisition or organically, often end up with a plethora of legacy systems and processes that so intertwined it is a long and complex process to unpick.

  • 09.05.16

    Blockchain: the next big thing?

    “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything” – Steve Jobs. Apple stopped us going into shops to buy music. Amazon allowed us to buy presents in our pajamas. Facebook stopped us needing to talk.