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  • 04.08.16

    Personalisation: Why are we waiting…?

    For years there has been talk of big data, personalisation and the big revolution we would see both in the world of advertising and in the way businesses connect to individual consumers. We were promised a shift away from the traditional form of mass marketing into the lines a more personal digital experience

  • 19.05.16

    Top tips for successful carve out programmes

    The recent news from RBS about the complexity of separating Williams & Glyn as a ‘complex process’ is an understatement; carve out programmes are complex beasts. Companies that have been built up over time, either through acquisition or organically, often end up with a plethora of legacy systems and processes that so intertwined it is a long and complex process to unpick.

  • 09.05.16

    Blockchain: the next big thing?

    “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything” – Steve Jobs. Apple stopped us going into shops to buy music. Amazon allowed us to buy presents in our pajamas. Facebook stopped us needing to talk.

  • 25.04.16

    The people vs technology part one: your greatest form of defence

    There’s no denying it. Cyber security has long since firmly taken its place as a C-suite priority across businesses and Governments worldwide with global spending reaching a staggering $76.9 billion last year.

  • 01.04.16

    Regulation and Innovation - friend or foe?

    The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has had a busy first 12 months undergoing market reviews, mobilising the payment strategy forum and setting guidance for how the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) will be implemented in the UK.

  • 19.02.16

    Innovation in payments: there's strength in numbers

    In recent years, the payments industry has transitioned into a consumer centric and topical industry, led by many well-known global brands. This has introduced challenges, but none more so than new, and ever increasing, customer expectations and demand for innovation. Organisations can attempt to meet these expectations alone, but stand a far greater chance of success by partnering with others, perhaps across different industries.

  • 25.01.16

    Digital developments to distribution in retail banking

    Emerging digital distribution channels are fundamentally changing the way that customers interact with retail banks. Tech-savvy customers are using mobile and online to meet their day to day banking needs but are reserving their most complex queries for branches. Unsurprisingly, retail banks are having to radically review their distribution channel. A key question is are they responding effectively enough to meeting this rapidly changing customer need?

  • 01.12.15

    These are the Challengers - pretenders to the retail banking crown - and they're here to stay

    In a true David and Goliath story, does Goliath have what it takes to keep up with the pace of change, or will the more agile David win out once again?

  • 25.11.15

    The Brexit Decision: Uncertainty is the enemy of investment

    Impacts from uncertainty over Britain’s future ahead of the EU referendum are already being felt based on comments from Ross Walker, the RBS chief economist.

  • 09.11.15

    Financial service institutions need a revolution, not an evolution

    This year’s Barometer (avoid the zombies, innovate for growth) reflects that many financial service institutions (FSIs) are no longer cutting costs just to protect the bottom line. High growth organisations are transforming the relationships with their customers through the re-investment in new products, digital capabilities and untangling the issues of legacy infrastructure as they return to growth.