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  • 23.10.15

    The house that Big Banks built

    The structure is sound, but the decoration is old.

  • 09.10.15


    We launched the Barometer on Change 2015/16 this week and 'DELIVER' provides a really helpful mnemonic that captures a number of the key messages:

  • 30.09.15

    It's that time again!

    We’re very excited ahead of the imminent launch our fourth annual Barometer on Change, which is drawn from an independent survey of over 200 board members and their direct reports.

  • 08.09.15

    Millennials and FinTechs: the marriage that could change an industry

    Big banks have dominated the retail market for decades. Almost 90% of the industry has been controlled by the top six institutions in recent years, as competition has been limited and customers equate well-known brands with a secure service.

  • 03.08.15

    Seven steps of successful integration: a checklist

    What are the seven steps to ensure that a merger delivers the expected benefits?

  • 09.04.15

    Embed a culture of change in financial services to avoid getting left behind

    It has been reported recently that jobs in the City have been lost in spite of an upbeat outlook. And indeed it is unsurprising that we have been hearing about these conflicting reports regarding the rise and fall of employment given the new capital rules and regulatory requirements, which has left many struggling to know which way to turn.