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Download our publications for access to original research and detailed analysis on issues affecting the industries we serve.

  • Challenging Customers? Innovate, Collaborate, Engage

    The pressure for organisations to meet customer demands is at a five year high. With new technology and innovation, customers are now receiving better products and services than ever before. In the 2017 Barometer on Change we explore the new risks and opportunities introduced as customers are becoming exponentially more demanding – what was once exciting is now expected.

  • Keeping up with the customer

    Over 60% of customers have a higher expectation of customer service today than they did one year ago so how can organisations keep up let alone get ahead? The first six steps of the customer transformation journey needed to achieve it are outlined in our white paper.

  • Maximising Value from Integration

    Over 70% of integration programmes fail to deliver the full benefits identified in the business case. Yet, M&A continues to be seen as a key driver of increasing shareholder value. So what is the secret to successfully integrating a business? Eight key insights have been identified in our whitepaper as being key to driving successful integration.

  • Achieving Product Development and Launch Excellence

    Developing and launching new products is the lifeblood of many businesses; we are all engaged in an innovation war to survive.The marketplace is increasingly dynamic and fiercely competitive due to new disruptors, pricing pressures, digital innovations and more demanding consumers. History is full of examples of companies that failed to innovate and maintain a competitive product portfolio. Moorhouse brought together leaders from across the pharmaceutical, consumer goods and retail industries, to identify key lessons they believe would help businesses achieve product development and launch excellence.

  • Delivering value through acquisition

    Globally, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries estimates $221 billion worth of merger and acquisition deals were closed in the first half of 2015 alone. When compared to $162 billion deals in the entirety of 2014, it’s clear that organisations need to ensure deal activity is adding value for shareholders and investors. With this in mind, we invited leaders from across the industry to identify​ key lessons they believe would increase the likelihood of delivering value through acquisition. This paper summarises the debate, discussion and conversation from the event.

  • Avoid the zombies, innovate for growth

    The fourth annual Barometer on Change has revealed a polarised marketplace, with the top performers demonstrating an optimistic and agile approach to change which stands in stark contrast to their more cautious competitors. Business leaders are focused on growth, taking a proactive and bold stance. The coming years will see the delivery of ambitious growth initiatives, with high-growth firms seeking innovative ways in which they can expand their core customer base in order to achieve their strategies.

  • MA&I in Technology, Media and Telecoms

    There’s a renewed sense of optimism in the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector. It’s driving rapid and radical change and high levels of M&A activity. But how do TMT organisations ensure success once they’ve done the deal?

  • Barometer on Change 2014

    Our third Barometer on Change showed a blossoming sense of economic optimism. Organisations showed increased confidence, supported in part by the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney’s announcement in late 2013 that the recovery was ‘taking hold’ in the UK and that 2014 had seen the strongest growth for six years.

  • Barometer on Change 2013

    Our second Barometer on Change showed a marked change in attitudes from the previous year. It pointed to a more positive outlook among senior business leaders, who were more bullish about their growth prospects and confident in their strategies.

  • Barometer on Change 2012

    2012 saw the arrival of our first Barometer on Change, which we launched to provide a revealing insight into the change environment and how major UK organisations perceived their own implementation of change.