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There’s a renewed sense of optimism in the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector. It’s driving rapid and radical change, and high levels of M&A activity. But how do TMT organisations ensure success once they’ve done the deal?

Dynamics are changing in the TMT sector, with faster delivery, higher customer expectations, and more intense competition. One way to succeed in this environment is to merge with a competitor or acquire their assets. And at the moment, TMT is a hive of M&A activity.

But signing the deal is just the beginning.

Organisations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People, processes, systems, networks, culture and brand are the essence of any organisation. And the success of an M&A transaction depends on how these elements are integrated.

The process may be tough, but the prize is worth the journey.

Key themes

Unique integration challenges facing the TMT sector

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Mergers, acquisitions and integration

Technology, media and telecoms sector is a hotbed of M&A activity with high-profile deals being discussed all over the industry. But how do you ensure value?

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Barometer on Change 2015/16

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