Big Brain Proof of Concept - Openreach

What was the challenge?

Openreach is data rich environment and this data could represent a high value asset for the organisation.  However, data complexity and the lack of data structures renders much of this data unreliable and unusable; with Senior Management distrustful of data led findings.  Openreach therefore established an ambitious vision of delivering significant business value through revolutionising how it thinks, collates and utilises its data to support decision making.

How did we help?

Moorhouse, with the support of Mango Solutions, were challenged to deliver the 'Big Brain Proof of Concept' (PoC). The PoC sought to demonstrate and identify lessons and opportunities to use advanced data modelling and statistical analysis within Openreach. We started by completing a rapid, structured assessment of potential visualisation tools against Openreach's requirements. 

An interactive PoC Dashboard was identified and further developed to enable business users to interact and drive advanced data modelling.  The PoC Dashboard was able to pull data from diverse and complex sources and to identify root cause drivers of poor operational performance.  This new, advanced capability represented a significant technical and analytical leap forward for Openreach.

Finally, the team used statistical modelling to demonstrate "what-if" scenarios around suboptimal performance.  Using the PoC Dashboard, we subjected a number of hypotheses on poor operational performance, to analysis, identifying true root cause drivers and verifying achievable benefits. 

What was the impact? 

This PoC demonstrated how data could be made accessible to all users and how it could be harnessed to drive significant operational improvement across Openreach. It additionally delivered a working PoC Dashboard to showcase the 'art of the possible' in data led decision making.  Finally, based on a sample set of hypotheses alone, the PoC identified a number of key root causes of poor Ethernet delivery performance. From this, we verified that annual savings of between £11.9m and £20.3m could be achieved by establishing well defined and targeted operational improvement initiatives. 

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