Capability Gap Analysis - Distribution Network Operator

Moorhouse carried out a business capability gap analysis to help a distribution network operator understand what they needed to put in place to support flexible connections customers as part of their new ‘Active Network Management’ scheme. 

What was the challenge?

A distribution network operator had unveiled plans to invest £15 million to create the world’s most advanced electricity control system – known as ‘Active Network Management’ (ANM). This was to enable over 500MW of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), mostly renewable energy like wind and solar, to connect to the network cheaper and faster. Given this essentially constituted a new business product (known as ‘flexible connections’), the client recognised the need to review the way their organisation currently operated and better understand what needed to change to support new flexible connections customers.  

How did we help?

Moorhouse carried out a four-week piece of discovery work to identify which business functions were needed to support flexible connections customers in future, and to identify current gaps in the client's capability. This involved: 

  • Mapping out a comprehensive ANM customer journey through high-level use cases to understand what future customers would expect and need from the client
  • Running a series of workshops with representatives from across six different business areas to identify gaps in teams and business processes to support those customer use cases
  • Consolidating our analysis into an overall heatmap, together with concrete recommendations on how best to address those gaps and in what areas. 

What was the impact?

  • The client had a much clearer view of the maturity of their current capabilities and critical gaps, and therefore the areas in which to prioritise new capability development ​and processes.
  • This compelled the client to look beyond pure systems requirements and consider the ‘people’ and ‘process’ requirements to make ANM successful.

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