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What was the challenge?

Our client, a global recruitment organisation, needed to redefine its global IT operating model to deliver consistent, cost-effective services across its five global regions. The client recognised the importance of engaging its people with the changes and wanted to support them during the transition. The client needed help to ensure that its employees were ready to operate in the new model.

How did we help?

Initially, we worked with the client to define the high level operating model and related change management activities. We began by defining a compelling vision for change. The leadership team used this vision to support employee engagement, to ensure alignment across the business. The vision was also incorporated into the design principles for the operating model. By assessing the impact of the change on employee groups, we were able to support the client to tailor its approach to retention and engagement. We developed an ambitious but realistic transition plan, setting out timelines to achieve benefits.    
During implementation, we led the change management workstream, working in collaboration with the client to ensure that they owned the change. We created a change management strategy and detailed plan articulating the approach, benefits, risks and critical success factors. A detailed assessment of the impact of each change was captured in a comprehensive ‘people tracker’. In collaboration with HR, engaged and supported affected stakeholders, and defined clear retention strategies and plans. Throughout this work, we delivered targeted communications to all stakeholder groups. 

What was the impact?

The transformation completed in 2019. £7m+ of savings were delivered as a result of moving to a global organisation structure and streamlined ways of working, including a reduction in headcount of 40%. Moorhouse successfully managed the people impacts globally to over 500 people, ensuring that there was minimal impact to Business as Usual. Moorhouse also supported the client to engage its senior stakeholders, ensuring successful leadership of and buy in for the transformation throughout the lifecycle.

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