Customer Operating Model Design - Global Consumer Goods Company

What was the challenge?

Our client was a global biscuit and confectionary company, with 34 factories in 13 countries, operating in 120 countries. Their ambition is to become a consumer-centric, digitally enabled organisation and so ultimately require complex global business transformation, which they have begun to pilot in North America. They asked for our support to develop an agile, consumer-centric operating model that could help them realise their vision.

How did we help?

Moorhouse worked with senior stakeholders to design and populate an operating model focused on brand-led business units. We identified the impact that the operating model would have on the organisation’s key roles and responsibilities, defined the necessary core operating processes, mapped how different elements of the operating model would interact and highlighted the capabilities that would be required. Finally, we developed play through examples of the operating model in action and built a roadmap for implementation.  

What was the impact?

The global and North America leadership accepted the recommendations and are now implementing the new operating model across North America. This will provide the foundation and learning for further roll outs across their global operations. 

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