Data Strategy - Arriva

What was the challenge?

Following an assessment of strategic priorities, Arriva identified that it would invest in its data analytical capabilities. Having established the team, Moorhouse was selected to scale up the capabilities the team provided, and also improve the alignment with the team's output and business operational activities. 

How did we help?

The Moorhouse team worked with senior leaders across the business to fully understand the challenge and their needs before developing the new vision, value proposition and a benefits assessment for the Data team. We defined a change strategy for the next phase of work which was developed using the Moorhouse approach to change management.
Moorhouse carried out a number of business user stakeholder interviews, allowing us to better understand motivations, needs and perceived blockers, and to develop a concrete communications plan, messaging and associated interventions to support the Programme’s goals.

What was the impact?

Our approach provided Arriva with a customer-centric data strategy with a well-defined and clear focus of exactly what their propositions would be and how they would be delivered to customers. We carried out a high-level assessment of their delivery model and target operating model, identifying key issues and creating a roadmap of short-term quick wins, plus longer-term strategic focus areas to enable and ensure the improvement and success of their proposition.

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