Data Strategy Review at a Financial Regulator

What was the challenge?

Our client, a financial regulator, asked Moorhouse to help develop a new and bold strategy aimed at transforming the value they get from the exploitation of data. The client wanted a strategy, linked to the their strategic business outcomes, which provided clear direction to the organisation for the next 3-5 years covering exploitation, governance, management, quality and culture. ​

How did we help?​

Moorhouse led a broad and deep engagement across the organisation, working with Directors and Heads of Department to gather their views and inputs as a starting point.  The workshops were designed not only to gather inputs but also to ensure that the full breadth of the organisation had a clear voice in the development of the strategy. These workshops were used to understand current strengths, improvement areas and opportunities for transformation in the area of data exploitation.  In addition, Moorhouse brought its own thinking and challenge to the process in order to expand the extent of transformational thinking and test the organisation’s appetite in this area.  Moorhouse also worked closely with the wider client data strategy portfolio team to help incorporate and contextualise the strategy to steer its eventual realisation, helping them link data initiatives across the organisatoin to the strategy and consider the implications for the future change journey required and under-pinning operating model . ​

What was the impact?

  • Over 8 weeks, our work culminated in the creation of a revised data strategy that provided a bridge between the high-level, strategic direction of the organisation and the means of implementing the data strategy.

  • The strategy contained a set of overarching data principles, 30-40 themed strategic outcomes, and a high-level perspective on the realisation of the strategy in terms of the proposed roadmap and operating model.​

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