Developing a Brand Strategy - Transport for the North

What was the challenge?

Transport for the North (TfN) was established to develop and deliver strategic transport infrastructure to the North of England. The aim is to modernise transport connections and drive economic growth across the region.  
Embarking on an innovative programme to deliver Integrated and Smart Travel (IST) solutions for the North of England, TfN wanted to develop a brand strategy to drive their new customer propositions. 

How did we help?

We engaged with stakeholders from across the business to understand their vision for the strategy. To build on our existing knowledge of Smart Ticketing solutions, we gathered insights on Smart Ticketing schemes around the world and studied TfN’s existing customer propositions and strategy.  
We used these insights to develop the operating design that formed the core of the IST Brand Strategy. To bring it to life, we built out the strategy’s practical applications, and helped the leadership team to visualise the brand’s role across the programme, and how it could potentially evolve. Finally, we supported them in exploring and understanding the launch implications and associated risks.  

What was the impact?

This resulting brand strategy has already underpinned the delivery of Smart Ticketing solutions across the North and will be used to inform planning for upcoming multi-modal services and future investments.

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