Developing an Integrated Care System - Berkshire West

What was the challenge?

The Berkshire West health economy services a population of 500,000 and faces significant and growing service provision, workforce and financial challenges.

In response to these challenges, and the call to action set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View, the four local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and two service providers agreed to come together to jointly design and develop an Integrated Care System (ICS) for Berkshire West. 

This ambitious programme aims to transform the system, establishing a more preventative model of care, improve quality and outcomes for patients, and become financially sustainable. 

How did we help?

The proposed programme would deliver a new joined up operating model for the local healthcare system, and implement significant changes to both clinical services and enabling functions and services, such as workforce optimisation. 
Given the anticipated scale and complexity of transformation, Moorhouse was engaged by the Berkshire West CCGs to help ensure the programme was set-up for success, in order to deliver the overall ambition. 

Applying our expertise and experience of change programme design, planning and assurance, we undertook a review of the existing and emerging governance, programme and project definitions, and programme management controls. 

We developed a consolidated view of the portfolio of projects, a roadmap for implementation and an assessment of risks to achieving overall strategic objectives, along with recommendations for taking the programme forward. 

What was the impact?

Our support provided the Berkshire West leadership team with a strong platform to take the ICS Programme forward to the next stage of mobilisation, design and implementation. 

The ICS subsequently applied for and secured a system control total for 2017/18 and beyond, and has been identified as one of the most advanced STPs in terms of ICS development.1



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