Digital Customer Experience - Housing Association

What was the challenge?

Our client has established a clear and compelling strategy leading up until 2023 and has ambitious plans for growth. A key requirement for making this strategy real, is having a vision for the kind of digital customer experience that a ‘modern digital service’ demands. This work will provide a ‘North Star’ for the customer team and wider business to follow.

How did we help?

We facilitated a workshop, structured as follows: 

  • Why are we here? – Making reference to the strategy and set context and desired outcomes for the workshop
  • CEX heroes – Interactive session to gather thoughts on brands that provide best practice digital customer experience
  • Customer journey stages – Facilitated discussion on what good looks like at each stage of the customer journey. This will include showcase of/reference to brands from other sectors that set the bar high
  • Storyboarding – Create storyboard of the desired future digital customer experience
  • Making it happen – Discuss the key elements of people, process, technology and data change required to realise the vision
  • Wrap and close – Detail on what’s going to happen next and what to expect

What was the impact?

As a result of our work, we set a clear direction and principles for decision making by IT and other teams; ensured stretching goals for digital customer experience; inspired the business on the art of the possible; and championed a digital first approach.

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