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What was the challenge?

GSK relies on impactful presentations by its medical affairs staff to provide essential support for its product launches and external engagement with healthcare professionals. Technological advances in learning have taken many forms, ranging from improved online learning to augmented, mixed and virtual reality. GSK wanted to embrace digital innovation and find new ways to improve the delivery and impact of its medical affairs training by introducing new learning tools to its portfolio. Moorhouse was engaged to deliver the design and rollout of the new virtual reality learning tool. 

How did we help?

We oversaw the selection process, design, build and rollout of virtual reality (VR) glasses and a mobile phone application. Used together, the experience simulated a conference setting and allowed externally facing medical staff to practice presenting to a large audience. This created an immersive 3-dimensional experience that allowed users to interact with their environment through multiple senses and learn more effectively. We managed the creative process and developed key inputs on brand design, communication messages and the tool’s packaging.  
To ensure buy-in, we involved key senior stakeholders early on. We also managed communications to leaders and end users throughout. This ensures all stakeholders were informed about the new digital learning opportunity, the target audience, the tool’s immediate benefit and future plans for capitalising on it.  
Rolling out the learning aid to thousands of field-based staff globally posed a logistical challenge which had to be carefully managed to align with both head office and local launch events. 

What was the impact?

Implementing a new virtual reality learning aid improved engagement of medical staff, increased effectiveness in preparation for large speaker meetings, made presentation practice more enjoyable, and enabled instant feedback on audience engagement. We worked in partnership with GSK to ensure the benefits of VR were clear and the continued adoption of digital tools within the organisation.

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