Digital Transformation Team: Healthy London Partnership

What was the challenge?

The NHS Long term plan, a National strategic policy document outlines the need for a digital first offer for patients to be made available to the population by 2021.  The NHS In London has traditionally operated in silos both operationally and digitally, creating a number of challenges when trying to promote and commission a system which is interoperable and has a joined up way of working.  This ambiguity creates confusion for patients when interfacing with the healthcare system.  The DTT (Run by Moorhouse) was brought in to support pathway development around a digital first offer through aligned governance facilitated by a newly established Digital Transformation team.

How did we help?

The Moorhouse team’s approach has been to combine deep health sector experience with extensive skills, Agile methodology, and expertise in a range of digital transformation capabilities. Our work puts the patient pathway and the digital journey that supports the patient at the heart of our delivery.  By working on the ground with stakeholders across London’s 5 STP’s we have worked to prioritise a set of practical digital interventions to improve the transfer of care between services and to improve the pathway for the patient.

Our digital Transformation team use Agile ‘Scrum’ Delivery to provide a constant feedback loop to maintain continuous improvement of services.  We have Developed a key theme of Patient-centric outcomes which looks at maturity of locally available services and utilises these more appropriately where possible and makes recommendations to reduce variation and inconsistent use of best practice (Identified through local evaluations and taking guidance from national partners) products where necessary.

We focused on balanced and prioritised operational delivery through clinically partnered workshops and with local teams to regularly reviewing priorities with programme SROs. The Moorhouse team designed a strategic vision for improved digital transformation across London and have supported the client to secure £2.8m in regional and national funding for innovative Digital First solutions to support further commissioning and decommissioning of appropriate services to support London’s 9M population.

What was the impact?

From our work, a streamlined and more integrated patient flow across primary, urgent care and digital services for unscheduled care was delivered reducing inappropriate demand into general practice or Emergency Departments/LAS where patients can access the right clinical skillset first time.  The NHS in London is now recognised nationally as a leader in provision and review of services which orchestrate pathways of care which are agnostic to patient entry point and has specifically supported an exemplar in North West London which utilises a referral management hub through an Online consultation E-hub.

In addition, we instilled increased efficiencies across the organisation through the reduction of duplication, project management effort and spend by CCGs on implementing disjointed, fragmented digital solutions. Moorhouse also facilitated greater adoption of digital technologies through embedded business change techniques.

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