Electronic Patient Record - Kettering General Hospital

What was the challenge?

To support the Trust’s digital ambitions and the delivery of their Digital Roadmap, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH) set a target of implementing a full Electronic Patient Record (EPR) across the Trust, with the intention that it will touch all staff, transform working practices and reduce the use of paper.

Moorhouse were engaged to provide support across governance, financial planning, stakeholder engagement, funding approval and the accelerated delivery of priority EPR modules.  

How did we help?

We established a refreshed programme governance structure, ensuring clarity of key stakeholders, core deliverables and the case for change. Working alongside KGH teams, we developed critical paths and a programme resource plan to deliver. Business cases were developed and approved to secure funding. In partnership with the system supplier and using a tailored change management methodology, a number of key modules were implemented and adopted. These included e-observations in adult & paediatrics in-patient areas and a clinical communication & engagement tool which has enabled secured messaging, e-handovers and e-referrals. 

What was the impact?

Implementation of initial priority modules has allowed KGH to quickly realise benefits, build organisational confidence and respond to CQC requirements. The Trust are already able to demonstrate improvements to patient safety, clinical outcomes, operational effectiveness, IG compliance, patient and staff experience.

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