Enabling renewable energy – UK Power Networks

Enabling renewable energy to connect to the network cheaper and faster through Smart Grid network development – UK Power Networks

What is the challenge?

The drive to reduce carbon emissions is giving rise to an increase in renewable generation and green technologies, which impacts the way the electricity system is operated and maintained. The ability for the electricity network to cope with additional demands is fundamental to our future. UK Power Networks (UKPN) is leading the change to become a Distribution System Operator (DSO), which involves using flexible demand and generation to deliver more energy with less network infrastructure, helping to keep costs down for customers and increase capacity. ​

To achieve the transition to DSO, UKPN is implementing an Active Network Management (ANM) system which is an intelligent software platform that will be integrated into the heart of its world class control system. The ANM system processes vast amounts of data to be able to autonomously make complex decisions to optimise the flow of available power in real time. This is a completely new way of working for UKPN, therefore the business change activities required to prepare the business for the new technology are key to a successful delivery of ANM.​

How did we help?

Moorhouse integrated into the UKPN programme team to provide customer insight, customer journey mapping and customer experience support. In addition, we have provided process design capabilities to support the customer journey mapping to ensure the processes deliver the best possible customer experience. This work involved detailed technical workshops with multiple departments across UKPN to understand the process steps, their owners and the hand-offs between teams and activities. We are also leading the business change workstream which involves comms, training and embedding the new process across the business.

What was the impact?

Ultimately the programme is part of the decarbonisation drive within the UK and is supporting renewables to connect to the grid. The programme is still in progress and we have delivered the following to date:

  • The creation of the onboarding process for connections giving clarity to UKPN on what is required to connect a customer. It outlined clear owners, providing visibility of all activities within the process, promoting improved communication and understanding between departments. ​
  • Developed a full customer journey for flex connections and flex services, mapping pain points through customer insight. This has enabled processes to be put in place to address the pinch points.
  • The capture of embedding activities, key detailed focus areas and areas where capabilities don’t exist. This initiated critical business decisions required to ensure the successful adoption of ANM. It also provided a structure to the Business Change approach and future work.  

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