Future operating model & digital platform appraisal - Housing Association

What was the challenge?

A UK housing association aspire to be one of the best service providers in their industry. The business is on a mission to deliver customers an exceptional experience at a much lower cost, by digitising and making their housing services available to other housing providers. In order for our client to become a more scalable and flexible business, they wanted to review their future operating model and technology platform options. ​

How did we help?

Moorhouse were asked to help identify and evaluate a short-list of future options that would address their current operational challenges and also provide our client with strategic flexibility for the future. ​

We first performed an assessment focussing on strategy, propositions, customer journey through operational processes, suppliers and technology. Five options for future operating model and digital platform were identified which enabled a future strategy. We compared the impact of these options on processes, technology, teams and people, as well as the relationship with the client's primary maintenance supplier with whom they are very tightly integrated .

Additionally, we identified 14 digital services that our client could start offering to other housing associations if they adopted one of the five options. Taking into consideration their overall strategy and the ‘change the business’ capability, an ‘organic growth’ option was recommended. We outlined the impact of this option on customer journey, propositions, strategy, operations, and technology, and provided a roadmap for the recommended option. ​

As a result, the options appraisal delivered by Moorhouse helped our client choose the strategic direction to future state, and identify steps to be taken against three key areas of their digital ecosystem – engaging digital customers, providing better digital services and making operational workforce’s job easier.  ​

​What was the impact?

  • Identified current challenges and future vision related to operations and technology enabling it. ​
  • Identified operational inefficiencies by analysing suppliers data across procurement and operations.  ​

  • Defined future operating model and digital platform options, compared their impact, risks, pros and cons and cost implications.​

  • Provided a direction of travel by outlining a roadmap for adopting the recommended option and immediate next steps.​

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