Integrating Acquisitions - TMF Group

What was the challenge?

TMF Group, a leading provider of high value business services to clients operating and investing globally, continues to make strategic acquisitions that complement its organic growth. Their challenge was to integrate these newly-acquired companies into their organisation to ensure the financial benefits were delivered, as well as managing the impact of the integration on the culture and employees of the acquired companies.  
Moorhouse was engaged to support the integration during the mobilisation, planning and design phases across a number of TMF acquisitions in Norway, Switzerland and Singapore. 

How did we help?

Moorhouse supported TMF from mobilisation and planning and design phases through to execution of the integration plans. We worked with the client to define the scope of integration across each workstream. Our role also involved facilitation of planning workshops to develop detailed plans for each integration, identify the priority projects and highlight interdependencies with other workstreams.  Our support also involved driving the execution of the integration projects and developing reporting dashboards to track progress across the key metrics for the integrations.  

What was the impact?

We supported TMF to develop, design and implement a standard and pragmatic approach to each integration project.  This included the planning, design & execution of integration programmes across TMF Group – helping to set each one up for success and drive successful execution of the integration plans to deliver the benefits from their acquisitions.

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