IQ-EQ Integration Strategy Implementation

What was the challenge?

IQ-EQ (formerly SGG Group), a global provider of investor services, have undertaken a number of acquisitions over the last 24 months as part of their strategy to build their business and become one of the most important firms globally for investor services. The management team required project management assistance to implement its integration strategy which was focussed on building as quickly as possible ‘One Firm’ and secure in the most effective manner the delivery of the integration benefits.

How did we help?

Moorhouse provided integration project management expertise to help plan and execute each of the integration projects. We tailored our approach to meet the specific needs of each project, providing guidance to and monitoring of the functional leads of each workstream (10) to ensure their plans were developed and executed accurately and timely aligned to the overall strategy. Amongst other topics a particular area of focus was the development and the enhancement of the functional operating models after each of the acquisitions done in the 24 month time period. We also set up and mobilised the Integration Management Office (IMO) to coordinate reporting across each project and to track delivery of plans and benefits. 

What was the impact?

Following a series of acquisitions in the last 24 months , IQ-EQ has grown from 700 employees and 10 jurisdictions to c,2500 in 23 jurisdictions. Moorhouse has supported IQ-EQ to successfully plan and deliver the immediate priorities for each integration. We tailored our integration framework to meet the needs of each acquisition, from mobilising the resources to implement the integration strategy through to driving the workstreams to develop detailed integration plans to ensure benefits were delivered. We provided assistance to the workstream leads to ensure that their plans were delivered within the agreed timeline and aligned to the overall strategy for integration.

“Moorhouse provided us with integration advice and support that has ensured we are well on track to exceed the original benefits case. The team brought a robust, but also pragmatic, approach to working with us and provided excellent project management to ensure that we maintained momentum as well as a clear focus on delivery.”

 - Christiaan van Houtven, Group COO, IQ-EQ

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