Innovative Proposition Launch - Major Energy Retailer

What was the challenge?

Our client, a major UK utility company, was diversifying their offer and had been developing innovative new ideas. Their challenge was getting the ideas to delivery in a conservative and highly regulated culture. 
We supported them by reviewing their delivery approach and mobilising an internal venture team to bring a game-changing new service innovation to life.

How did we help?

We connected an innovative lab function (staffed with special projects team members and a creative partner) with the wider business functions required for delivery. 
We designed and managed an agile delivery programme that kept creative and proposition teams engaged while satisfying more traditional and siloed functions within the main business. 
This allowed the venture to drive delivery forward without compromising the integrity of the idea, whilst also streamlining governance and capital investment required.

What was the impact?

Our support enabled the organisation to work through the complex internal governance structures that typically slow down, or destroy, innovative new products and services, and to put customer opportunity at the heart of decision making. 
The new proposition was launched to customer trial and key roles transitioned back to the client’s internal delivery team. 

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