Transforming Care

What was the challenge?

NHS organisations and Local Authorities across England are working in partnership to improve health and care services for people with Learning Disabilities and/ or Autism as part of the national Transforming Care programme. 

The programme aims to reduce the number of individuals receiving care in inpatient hospital settings by improving cross sector partnership working and developing more appropriate community care services. 

How did we help?

Moorhouse has engaged with NHS England, CCGs, mental health Trusts and Local Authority social care, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and housing teams to deliver the objectives set out the national Building the Right Support strategy.

Our support has been tailored to respond to the specific challenges in each geography, with interventions at both the strategic and tactical level:

Strategic interventions:

  • Health and social care partnership strategy development
  • Programme diagnostic and turnaround
  • Community service design, commissioning and mobilisation

Tactical interventions:

  • Service demand and capacity modelling
  • Admission and discharge pathway process improvement
  • Data strategy and governance reviews 
  • Programme management office (PMO) establishment and handover 

What was the impact?

Our support has enabled the roll-out of innovative community services and embedded more integrated ways of working between Learning Disability and Autism service commissioners and providers across the country.

Moorhouse has also enabled several TCPs to significantly reduce the number of individuals receiving care in an inpatient setting, thereby improving quality of life and health outcomes for local people. 

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