London’s Air Ambulance - Digital Transformation

What was the challenge? 

Following a Digital Strategic Review carried out by Moorhouse, London’s Air Ambulance were looking to build momentum and start delivering several of the recommendations set out in the strategy, with a view to ensuring the London’s Air Ambulance continued to deliver the quality of care and service it prides itself on.

The digital programme of work looked to leverage the power of digital capabilities across its clinical services and operational processes, with several key strategic programmes and tactical projects identified. These included: the electronic capture of patient data, digitising several operational processes on the Helipad, upgrading the current database, and leaving the programme in a sustainable and maintainable position.

How did we help?       

  • Moorhouse provided project management support, strategic thinking and digital and data expertise to progress each project
  • Created an options paper for the London’s Air Ambulance to implement an electronic patient care report (ePCR) system, incorporating detailed assessment criteria to provide a recommendations on how to progress the ePCR in conjunction with London Ambulance Service (LAS) 
  • Progressed the Helipad Efficiencies project, initially carrying out detailed process mapping to define the current as-is state, writing to-be user stories and helping identify three key projects to focus on
  • Engaged several IT companies and ran a procurement exercise through to the successful selection of a company able to provide the digital solution for the Helipad Efficiencies work 
  • Supported the upgrade of their existing database, working with Barts Trust IT and a third party to ready the system for cutover 

What was the impact?

  • The Digital Transformation SteerCo provided approval of the preferred ePCR option, enabling costs to be gathered and the LAS to formally bring them into their ePCR programme 
  • An IT company was successfully appointed & work commenced on a digital solution for the Helipad 

To tie each of the projects together and keep everything on track, Moorhouse put in place rigorous Governance and supported the recruitment of a permanent project lead. 

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