Operating Model Development

What was the challenge?

One of our 'triple play' clients announced the intention to enter the world of mobile - a move which would establish them as a 'quad play' provider. This meant they would offer customers a choice of four products: broadband, television, fixed line and a mobile phone service - and open up a new revenue stream.

This was a high profile change, which called for a large-scale transformation programme. Moorhouse supported the development of the Operating Model to enable the successful launch and governance of the mobile offering. 

How did we help?

Moorhouse was engaged to lead a number of areas of Operating Model Development, including Product Lifecycle Management, Product Forecasting and Compliance.  We worked across the Commercial, Trading, Marketing, Legal, Technology and Reporting business units, coordinating activities to ensure successful integration of mobile across the existing business. 

For the Product Lifecycle Management workstream, an additional challenge was developing new functional and operational processes to support the introduction of mobile handsets and accessories. These products differed from the traditional broadband, TV and fixed line products in terms of value, shelf life and risk. As such, an innovative approach was required, as well as continual validation and alignment with senior stakeholders from across the business.

What was the impact? 

Moorhouse effectively facilitated workshops, constantly challenging thinking and driving delivery, to ensure that the Operating Model would meet the clients requirements and would work in real life. 

We brought deep expertise of the Mobile industry, Product Lifecycle Management and Operating Model Development, supporting the client with their ambition to keep the Customer at the forefront of the design, while streamlining the processes and improving the experience. 

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