Operating Model Transformation - Civica

What was the challenge?

Civica, a specialist systems and outsourcing company, had grown rapidly through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth and had ambitions to double revenue and expand EBITDA. Their strategy focused on greater organisational efficiency and delivery structures to lay a stable foundation for continued scalable growth.  
The service desks in three of their business units handled over 110,000 customer support tickets each year but had grown autonomously. They operated independently, with a lack of consistency in their approach to delivery, ways of working, and processes. 

How did we help?

The CIO made a board commitment to deliver an integrated service desk within six months. Moorhouse was engaged to analyse the current operating models of the three service desks with the aim of integrating them into one Centre of Excellence which would provide business benefits and be scalable to allow for future growth. The team first produced a detailed as-is assessment, developed the future operating model, applying best practice service management and led its implementation.  
Given the scale and complexity of the change, not only in technology and processes but also staff, it was crucial to support Civica‚Äôs people in continuing to deliver to a high standard under the new operating model. 

What was the impact?

The programme was successfully delivered within the six months timeline that had been committed to the Civica board. The integrated operating model provided real business benefits and was a strong foundation for the business to continue to grow and bring more business units into this way of working, supporting Civica to deliver its overarching strategy. 

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